Thin-Walled Bearings and Bushings for Internal Combustion Engines

RGB offers a complete range of Bi-metal / Tri-metal Sleeve Bearings and Bushings with Multi layer Construction for internal combustion engines according to the design documentation supplied by the customer. The high technological standards of production ensures perfect layer-to-layer and layer-to-steel bonds. The soft overlay approx. 20-25 μm thick with high lead content, is extremely conformable and can embed small foreign particles. The intermediate layer of leaded bronze provides high-strength (Load Carrying Capacity) and antifriction characteristics to the bearings. Thin-walled Bearings and Bushings are manufactured in normal sizes and undersizes ready for assembly.

Bimetal Bushings

RGB manufactures a complete range of bimetallic high precision Bushings with ball indented, diamond indented and graphite filled surfaces, both in semi and pre-finished sizes, ranging from 8~150 mm outside diameter as per customer specification.

Channel grooves with complex geometry, for better distribution of lubricant can also be provided on the sliding surface.

Steel Backed Graphite Bronze Bushings

RGB manufactures dry Self lubricate bushings, which requires no oil or grease for continuous operation. The diamond shaped indented pockets on the alloy surface are filled with graphite, which ensures lower co-efficient of friction and survive dry run application eliminating seizure.

Steel Bushings / Pole Casings

Steel Bushings and Pole Casings are manufactured from low carbon /hot galvanized steel Strips with or without case hardening process.

Solid Bronze Bushings, Thrust Washers and Wear Plates

Phosphor Bronze equivalent to UNI 2527 (DIN 17662) and Brass equivalent to IS: 410-1977 are used in the manufacture of Bushings for special applications.

Precision engineered Thrust Washers and Wear Plates intended for high-wear applications in Heavy Equipment, Automotive, Transmission, Hydraulic pump, etc. are also manufactured.

Aluminium Alloyed Bearings and Bushings

Bearings, Bushings and Thrust Washers manufactured from steel backed aluminium alloy, comprising aluminium, tin, silicon and cadmium provides excellent bearing characteristics with superior performance in high-Strength and Low-Wear applications.

High Precision Bearings, Bushings and Thrust Washers are available for various applications